Connected Space Membership: Co-Operative Councils Innovation Network

We are pleased to announce we have become affiliate members of the Co-Operative Councils Innovation Network. The Co-operative Councils Innovation Network is a non-party-political active hub for co-operative policy development, innovation, and advocacy, with a focus on reshaping public services according to the growing demand.

At the heart of their work is a focus on collaboration and innovation between local authorities and local people to deliver successful programmes and better ways of working. This aligns with our belief in co-creation, innovation, and disruption, all of which are interwoven through our work with a variety of companies, from startups to local councils to bigger businesses.

Here at Connected Space, we’re proud to have become members of an organisation that fits with our deep set company values. The core of this work is supporting people to be active members of their local community through continuing to improve, innovate, and deliver co-created programs that make life better for everyone involved.

Mick Robins, CEO Connected Space says “We have a fantastic working relationship with Croydon Council and continue to bring our passion for tech-enabled innovation to enhance the lives of citizens and business.  We were keen to join the CCIN and support the development of innovative Co-operative Councils”

Councillor Sharon Taylor OBE, Chair of the Co-operative Councils’ Innovation Network and Leader of Stevenage Borough Council adds “As the challenges presented by austerity continue to present themselves to councils and the communities we serve, some councils are taking the bold decision to tackle this on their own front doorstep by using their own investments and purchasing power to benefit their local economy. Our co-op councils are investing in communities and the power of people in just this way and demonstrate this in their innovative approaches to service delivery.  We’re delighted that Connected Space have shown their support in developing innovative Co-operative Councils and welcome them as an Affiliate Member.”

Becoming members of the Co-Operative Councils Innovation Network has only strengthened, and will continue to strengthen our own core values and beliefs as we continue our work. We’re keeping in mind that to be innovative and deliver excellent results, we need to always co-create, empower the people around us, and keep asking questions.